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The Rise of On-demand Streaming Services And How Hotels Can Profit

It’s no secret that scheduled TV programming is in sharp decline. Viewers no longer want to wait a week to catch their favourite TV show. They want to watch it at a time and place that suits them. The rise … Continue reading

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How to Use SMS Texting to Interact With Hotel Guests

When you want to reach your hotel guests in an instant, texting is the answer. With text messages read over 98% of the time, this is the most effective way to reach both future and current guests for a variety … Continue reading

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What Guests Want? A Functional Work Area

Today the line between our work and our personal life has become very blurred, and we tend to be working longer hours often just trying to keep on top of that e-mail. This means that both business and leisure guests may need to work from their hotel room. As hoteliers we need to make it comfortable and easy to do this in our hotel guests rooms Continue reading

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