Helping Hoteliers Deliver The Best Possible In-Room Experience To Their Guests

In-room Technology The Best Possible In-Room Experience To Their Guests

What Guests Want!

In-room technology is paramount to business travelers. Want to know how they feel when they can’t use what they want?

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Is a flat screen TV and in-house movies enough to keep your guests coming back? Our research says “No”

Guests use their room as an office and as their home away from home. The more comfortable and enjoyable you make the experience the more loyal your guests will be.

  • Can guests readily access your in-room TV so they can hook up their laptop or iPad to play the movie they have on it?
  • Is it easy for them to charge and listen to their music on their iPod/iPhone?
  • Can they sit in bed and do their emails via wireless?
  • Are there enough free and easily accessible power points?

That’s what guests want – we know because we asked them in our guest research

If your guests can’t do the above there is a good chance that they are booking into your competitors where they can do just that.

We work with hotel General Managers who know in-room technology plays an important part in their guests experience and in determining where they choose to stay. We help them to deliver the best possible in-room experience for their guests.

Are you noticing guests are asking more and more for things you don’t have in the room? Is it time you reviewed you’re in room offering?

Our clients are guest focused and technology driven.

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Today’s business traveller expects to be able to create a ‘home away from home’ and an ‘office away from the office’ whilst travelling.

Progressive hoteliers who are already meeting these needs are seeing clients return on a regular basis. Those that have failed to adapt to the changing needs of business travellers are losing clients on a weekly basis.

Our research shows how important it is to provide appropriate In-Room Technology to ensure your business guests chose to stay with you and equally importantly, return time and time again.

We know it is hard to keep up to date with all the options offered for In-Room Technology and we make it our business to stay up to date. Our business is aimed at assisting you to understand what your hotel needs and then achieving it.

If you are interested, in a FREE property assessment and tailored report please call or send an email and we will contact you and make the arrangements. We can only do two assessments per week so please contact us today so we can accommodate you in a timely manner

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Claire Jackison“Brendon and his team are exceptional to all others I have dealt with, they are extremely professional, communication is fantastic and any request or concern is auctioned immediately and efficiently. It is an absolute pleasure working with them. I would certainly recommend BDAP and their equipment. Brendon really understands what the client needs. He understands his product and goes out of his way to help you understand how it works. I think that if Accor held an awards ceremony for the Supplier of the Year, I would like Business Development Asia Pacific to be nominated! They are that good.”

– Claire Jackison, HES (Hotel Equipment Services) Manager, Accor July 10, 2015

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How Hotels Can Benefit From Self Check-In Kiosks

In the age of convenience, self-service kiosks have become commonplace in fast food restaurants, retail outlets, international airports, and increasingly at hotels.

The hospitality industry prides itself on providing personal service, so it’s understandable that some hoteliers believe installing self-service check-in kiosks might erode that experience.  In truth, a growing number of travellers value the independence, flexibility and freedom that self-service technology offers them during a hotel stay.

With that in mind, here are five ways your hotel can benefit by implementing self-service check-in kiosks at your property.

1. Say Goodbye to Queues

The most obvious benefit of a self-service kiosk is that guests can start enjoying their holiday sooner. During the traditional check-in process, they have to stand in line and fill out paperwork that often involves information already supplied during the booking.  With a self-service kiosk, they can check-in by simply looking up their name, email, booking number, or by scanning their passport.

Kiosks such as Enzosystems hospitality kiosks also let guests select their room and create their own room keys. Suffice to say, this scenario is a huge advantage for weary travellers looking for a hassle-free experience on arrival.

There are obvious benefits to providing an automated check-out process too. For instance, cruise ship guests or anyone running late for a flight can depart quickly without worrying about getting caught up in a long queue.

2. Easier to Interact with Guests

There’s a misconception that self-service takes away from face-to-face human contact. On the contrary, it actually frees up staff so they can have more personal and meaningful interactions with guests.

With an automated check-in kiosk, your hotel team have more time to focus on the moments that matter. That might include providing advice to a guest as they head out for a day trip, attending to an urgent service issue, or simply taking the time to engage with guests through friendly conversation.

All of these interactions allow your hotel to build rapport and offer helpful assistance to enhance the overall experience of staying with you.

3. More Upsell Opportunities

Automated check-in solutions also increase upsell opportunities. Using a kiosk, guests can upgrade their room, redeem special offers and purchase additional extras, all in a leisurely and effortless way.

Of course, because your front desk staff are freed up, they can step in and suggest upgrades and additional services in a more natural manner. If guests are approached when they’re more relaxed and settled in, they’ll feel less pressured and be more likely to make a purchase.

In addition, guests can find information about hotel amenities and services at their own convenience, which creates more opportunities for impulse purchases. In contrast, a hectic front desk team might simply not have the time to provide all the relevant hotel information on arrival.

4. Increased Personalisation

Self-service kiosks are able to collect a wealth of invaluable guest data, such as room preferences, past purchase decisions, and special requirements. Because the kiosk is connected to the hotel PMS, this data can be quickly accessed to help hotels provide more personalised experiences.

This stored information can also be used to devise personalised marketing emails, featuring enticing offers that appeal to the preferences and needs of different guests. Hotels can also ensure previous requests are catered for ahead of time to enhance the guest experience and exceed their expectations.

 5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

An increasing number of people want to interact with companies and services on their own terms. In fact, research has found that 66% of customers prefer self-service over traditional interactions with retail sales associates.

Providing the option to check-in via kiosk simply meets the expectations of consumers who are used to flexibility, endless choice and instant gratification in their digital lives. Put simply, providing guests with the degree of control they have elsewhere can only help to improve overall satisfaction levels.

Some kiosks also have the option to select multiple languages, so anyone travelling from overseas will have a much smoother experience when they check-in at your property.


The Role of the Self-Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks allow hotels to enhance the guest experience in numerous ways. A frictionless check-in experience means more convenience, more control and the elimination of frustrating queues.

In addition, hotel staff have more time for face-to-face interaction where it matters most — from making a great first impression on arrival, to encouraging upgrade and additional purchases in a timely manner.

Kiosk can also reduce labour costs, not only at the front desk but also in the back office.  The automation that kiosk’s provide eliminates much of the behind the scenes processing of data, reducing the workload for the night audit and finance teams.

Of course, many guests value personal interaction and the traditional check-in process still has its place. Self-service kiosks shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for old fashioned service, but as a way to enhance the modern-day hospitality experience.